At MACOM we offer a complete line of RF and microwave limiters, LNA/limiters and limiting amplifiers up to 18 GHz. These products use the latest thin-film hybrid manufacturing techniques to obtain the highest levels of performance, repeatability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Using the latest technology available in the industry for silicon and GaAs FET MMICs, these products are ideal for multi-market and aerospace and defense applications.

Part Number Description
MADL-011014 320 W Peak Power Limiter
MADL-011015 250 W Peak Power Limiter
2690-1007 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
LM202802-L-C-300 Octave Band, Low Power
MADL-011074-DIE C-Band PIN Diode Limiter 4 - 8 GHz
LM200802-M-A-300 Medium Power Broadband Surface Mount Pin Diode Limiter
SML42 Cascadable, Signal Limiter
LM501202-M-C-300 PIN Diode Limiter
MADL-011078-DIE C-Band PIN Diode Limiter 4 - 8 GHz
LM401102-Q-x-301 Octave Band, High Power “Quasi-Active”
MADL-011012 360 W CW Power Limiter
LM102202-H-C-301 Surface Mount PIN Diode Limiter
LM202402-Q-E-301 PIN Diode Limiter
2690-1015 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
LM202402-Q-A-301 PIN Diode Limiter, 2 - 4 GHz
CL42 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Signal Limiter
LM202802-Q-C-301 PIN Diode Limiter, 2 - 8 GHz
LM501202-L-C-300 Octave Band, Low Power
2690-1011 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
LM202602-H-A-300 PIN Diode Limiters 2 - 6 GHz
LM102202-Q-x-301 High Power “Quasi-Active” Surface Mount PIN Diode Limiter
MADL-011122-DIE Diode Limiter
2690-1014 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
LM202402-Q-B-301 PIN Diode Limiter, 2 - 4 GHz
2690-1003 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
LM202802-Q-B-301 PIN Diode Limiter, 2 - 8 GHz
MADL-011100 High Peak Power Surface Mount Limiter 2 - 20 GHz
LM2933-Q-B-301 High power, passive two-stage power limiter
LM202802-M-C-300 Octave Band, Medium Power
LM202402-Q-F-301 PIN Diode Limiter
2690-1005 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
MADL-011087-DIE S/C-band PIN Diode Limiter 2 - 8 GHz
2690-1009 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
MLM2060-301 MLM Series, Surface Mount High Power Limiters
L1 Cascadable, Signal Limiter
MADL-011173-DIE S-Band PIN Diode Limiter 2 - 4 GHz
MADL-011092 Wide Band PIN Limiter, 0.1 – 18GHz
L42 Cascadable, Signal Limiter
LM202602-H-C-300 PIN Diode Limiters
MADL-011115 Diode Limiter
MADL-011108 4W Peak Power PIN Limiter, 18-40GHz
MADL-011088-DIE X-Band PIN Diode Limiter 6 - 12 GHz
LM202402-Q-C-301 PIN Diode Limiter, 2 - 4 GHz
SML1 Cascadable, Signal Limiter
2690-1001 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter