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320 W Peak Power Limiter
The MADL-011014 is a lead-free surface mount, high power limiter which integrates the equivalent of 19 PIN, Schottky, limiter diodes, capacitors, inductors, and resistors in a compact ceramic package. This device provides superior low and high signal performance from 1 - 2 GHz without DC bias. The MADL-011014 is ideally suitable for higher peak and CW power receiver-protector microwave circuits applications where higher performance surface mount limiter assemblies are required.
  • +55 dBm Peak Power Handling @ +85°C
  • RoHS* Compliant and 260oC Reflow Compatible
  • Lead-Free 10.1 x 6.2 x 3.2 mm 3 Package
  • +19 dBm Flat Leakage Power
  • 19 dB Return Loss (1.2 - 1.4 GHz)
  • 0.35 dB Insertion Loss (1.2 - 1.4 GHz)
  • +53 dBm CW Power Handling @ +85°C
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Radar
  • Min Frequency: 1,000 MHz
  • Max Frequency: 2,000 MHz
  • CW Input Power: 55 dBm
  • Peak Power: 1,000 W
  • Leakage: 79 mW
  • Recovery Time: 3,500 ns
  • Insertion Loss: 0.3 dB
  • Flangeless Ceramic Pkg
Package Category
  • Hermetic SMT
  • Yes
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
320 W Peak Power Limiter
Flangeless Ceramic Pkg Inquire

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