At MACOM we offer an extensive collection of switches covering multiple commercial and aerospace and defense markets. Our product portfolio has a broad frequency spectrum from DC to 70 GHz. Our silicon Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (HMIC) PIN diode process is ideal for high power and broadband switches operating from 50 MHz to 26 GHz. Our AlGaAs PIN diode process can extend the upper frequency range of our switch die beyond 70 GHz and is ideal for instrumentation and radar applications. Our GaAs pHEMT and MESFET technology is ideal for fast switching and low control voltage switches optimized for both narrow band and broadband applications. Our 75 Ohm absorptive switches are designed specifically for demanding CATV, FTTx and DBS Infrastructure and CPE applications. 

Part Number Description
MA4SW410B-1 HMIC PIN Diode with Bias
MASW-011087 AlGaAs SP4T Reflective Switch
MASW-004100-1193 HMIC PIN Diode
MASWCC0010 GaAs Absorptive, Single Supply
MASW-011077 SP4T 200 W Switch
MASWCC0009 GaAs Absorptive
MASW-011040 Switch, SP4T 200 W
MASW-011200 SP4T Absorptive Switch DC - 44 GHz
MASW-011137 Millimeter Wave Reflective SP4T with TTL Driver 0.5 - 30 GHz
MASW-004102-12760 HMIC Si PIN Diode with Bias
MASW-011153 SP4T Reflective Switch DC - 57 GHz
MASW-011226 SP4T Absorptive Switch
MASW-008566 GaAs HP
MASW-011176 HMIC™ Silicon PIN Diode SP4T Switch with Integrated Bias Network, 2 - 18 GHz
MASW-004240-13170W HMIC™ PIN Diode with Bias
MASW-011199 SP4T Reflective Switch DC - 44 GHz
MASW-011127 High Power High Linearity SP4T Switch
SW-314-PIN GaAs SP4T Absorptive Switch
MASW-010350 SP4T High Isolation Terminated Switch
MASW-004103-1365 HMIC Si PIN Diode
MASW4060G GaAs
MA4AGSW4 AlGaAs Reflective
MASW-011154 SP4T Absorptive Switch DC - 57 GHz
MASW-011201 Switch, SP4T, 50 W
MASW-007813-000000 GaAs