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QuestionMark.jpgI am designing a PIN diode switch that must handle high power. How much power can the switch handle?

Answer:  There is one primary determinant of power handling for a PIN switch: junction temperature. 

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GaAs SPDT Non-Reflective Switch 0.05- 26.5 GHzMACOMChip.png


  •  Broadband Performance
  •  Low Insertion Loss: 1.7 dB @ 20 GHz
  •  High Isolation: 48 dB @ 20 GHz
  •  Fast Switching Speed
  •  Non-Reflective Configuration
  •  Ultra Low DC Power Consumption
  •  Size: 1.3 × 0.85 × 0.1 mm

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MAAP-011250:  4 W Ka-Band Power Amplifier, 27.5 - 30 GHz, designed for VSAT Communications.  View more videos                                                                                                                                                                                  

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