MACOM's mixers are offered as single, double balanced, and image reject covering narrow and wideband frequencies up to 64 GHz. Mixers are used in both up and down frequency conversion applications. These discrete passive mixers are offered in bare die, surface mount package, and connectorized form factors.

Part Number Description
MAMX-011066 High Linearity Mixer 5 - 37 GHz
MAMX-011116 Image-Reject Mixer 32 - 37 GHz
MAMX-009239-001500 E-Series Surface Mount Mixer
MAMX-011009 Sub-Harmonic Pumped Mixer
MAMX-009722-25MHLP E Series
MAMX-011075 Image Reject Mixer 8 - 26 GHz
CGY2181UH Double Balanced Mixer
MAMX-000900-1061LT HMIC Si Double Balanced
MA4EXP950H1-1277T High IP3 Double Balanced
MAMX-011071 Double-Balanced Mixer 8 - 36 GHz
MAMX-011035 Double-Balanced Mixer 5.5 to 19 GHz
MAMX-011122 Double-balanced Mixer 17 - 53 GHz
MAMX-011036-DIE Double-Balanced Mixer, 8 to 43 GHz
MAMX-011144 Double-Balanced Mixer
MAMXSS0012 Low Cost MMIC
XM1003-BD Image Reject Mixer
MAMXSS0013 Low Cost MMIC
MD-156 Flatpack Double-Balanced Mixer
MAMX-011044 Image Reject Mixer 2.5 to 9 GHz
MA4EX950L1-1225T Double Balanced
MAMX-011044-DIE Image Reject Mixer 2.5 to 9 GHz
MAMX-011054 Double-Balanced Mixer, 18 to 46 Ghz
MA4EX240L1-1225T Double Balanced
XM1002-BD Image Reject Mixer
MAMX-011097 2 mm Image-Reject Mixer 32 - 37 GHz
MAMX-011021 High IP3 Mixer, 5 - 33 GHz
MAMX-011088 Double-Balanced Mixer 17 - 55 GHz
CGY2183UH Active Double Balanced Mixer
CGY2182UH Double Balanced Mixer
MA4EX580L1-1225T Silicon Double Balanced HMIC
MAMX-011088-DIE Double-Balanced Mixer 17 - 64 GHz
MA4EX600L1-1225T Double Balanced
MAMX-008611 Low Cost MMIC
MA4EX950H1-1225T Double Balanced
MAMX-011126 Double-Balanced Mixer
MAMX-011023 Low Noise Active Mixer, 4 – 23 GHz
MAMX-011037-DIE Double-Balanced Mixer, 18 – 46 GHz
MAMX-090950-1277LT High IP3 Double Balanced
MAMX-011043 Image-Reject Mixer, 15 to 45 GHz
MAMX-011067 Double-Balanced Mixer 5 - 20 GHz
MAMX-011040 Image Reject Mixer, 8 to 26 GHz
MAMX-011036 Double-Balanced Mixer, 8 to 43 GHz
MA4EXP240L-1277T Silicon Double Balanced HMIC Mixer 2300 - 2800 MHz
MAMX-011040-DIE Image-Reject Mixer 8 - 26 GHz
XM1001-BD Image Reject Mixer
MAMX-011043-DIE Image-Reject Mixer, 15 to 45 GHz
MAMX-011074 Double-Balanced Mixer 18 - 46 GHz
CGY2180UH Double Balanced Mixer
CGY2184UH Active Double Balanced Mixer