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High IP3 Mixer, 5 - 33 GHz
This passive mixer “engine” is designed for more linear applications such as high bit rate transmitters and receivers. The mixer integrates a single ended cold FET structure and diplexer for about 9 dB of conversion loss with a +22 dBm IIP3.This device can be used for upconversion or downconversion in upper sideband or lower sideband configurations. Two of these mixers can be used in a quadrature configuration as an image rejection mixer. Positive bias voltage (<1v) can be applied to the LO or the Vg (opt) pin to reduce LO drive requirements. The Vg pin is internally bypassed. Positive bias voltage (<1v) can also be applied to the IF pin to optimize device linearity. This mixer is targeted for higher data rate systems such as P2P, Satcom and LAN.
  • Passive Frequency Mixer
  • LO Frequency: 3-39 GHz
  • RF Frequency: 5-33 GHz
  • High IIP3: +22 dBm
  • Conversion Loss : 9 dB typical
  • Lead-Free 1.5x1.2mm 6 lead TDFN Package
  • IF Frequency: DC-5 GHz
  • RoHS* Compliant and 260°C Reflow Compatible
  • Halogen-Free “Green” Mold Compound
  • ISM
  • Min Frequency, RF/LO: 5,000 MHz
  • Max Frequency, RF/LO: 33,000 MHz
  • Min Frequency, IF: 0 MHz
  • Max Frequency, IF: 5,000 MHz
  • Conversion Loss: 9 dB
  • Input P1dB: 15 dBm
  • IIP3 : 23 dBm
  • LO Drive: 14 dBm
  • Isolation LO-RF: 14 dB
  • 1.5x1.2mm 6 lead TDFN
Package Category
  • Plastic Surface Mount
  • Yes
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
Up/Down Converter, Floating FET, 1.5x1.2mm
1.5X1.2MM TDFN-6LD Inquire
Sample Board, Mixer, MAMX-011021
1.5x1.2mm TDFN-6LD Inquire
Up/Down Converter, Floating FET, 1.5x1.2mm
1.5X1.2MM TDFN-6LD
In Stock: 429
In Stock: 1047
In Stock: 590
Up/Down Converter, Floating FET, 1.5x1.2mm
1.5X1.2MM TDFN-6LD Inquire Buy

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