Ethernet MACsec PHY

IEEE 802.1AE Media Access Control Security (MACsec) is an industry standard security technology that provides secure communication for Ethernet traffic. MACOM’s wire-speed Ethernet MACsec PHY products offer highly scalable and cost-effective encryption solutions to address the data security issues in wireless, carrier, data center and cloud networks. Combining MACOM’s strength in high speed, high performance mixed-signal I/O and industry leading CMOS silicon technology, MACOM’s MACsec PHY products provide line-rate encryption and authentication at a very low power-footprint that enables encryption at wire-speed on every port. They are ideal for adoption on switch/router line cards, data center interconnect (DCI) transponder and wireless xHaul aggregation systems to provide security function in addition to the connectivity to optical and copper modules.

Part Number Description
S12612 E240: 24x10G/40G/100G MACsec
S12611 E120: 12x10G/40G/100G MACsec
S20020 100G/50G/40G/50G/25G/10G MACsec, 512SA