Connectorized Limiters

MACOM's line of limiters use the latest thin-film hybrid manufacturing techniques to obtain the highest levels of performance, repeatability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Using the latest technology available in the industry for silicon and GaAs FET MMICs, these products are ideal for multi-market and aerospace and defense applications. MACOM’s coaxial limiters are best in class, they are used in many defense applications.

Part Number Description
2690-1001 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
2690-1015 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
2690-1009 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
CL42 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Signal Limiter
2690-1005 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
2690-1014 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
2690-1003 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
2690-1011 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter
2690-1007 (non-RoHS) Coaxial Limiter