Voltage Variable Attenuators

Voltage Variable Attenuators (VVA) from MACOM offer the ability to control the attenuation level relative to a voltage. Attenuation range is up to 30 dB covering frequency as high as 45 GHz. VVAs feature excellent return and insertion loss along with high IP3 in small SMT packages.

MAAV-007092-000100 Voltage Variable Absorptive
MAAVSS0006 Voltage Variable Attenuator
MAAT-010521-L1 Voltage Variable Attenuator, 5.8– 16 GHz
MA4VAT900-1277T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MAAVSS0008 Voltage Variable Attenuator
MAAV-011013 Voltage Variable Attenuator 5 - 45 GHz
MAAVSS0001 Voltage Variable Absorptive
G1 Voltage Controlled Module
G2 Voltage Controlled Module
MA4VAT2007-1061T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MAAM-007987-000CG2 (non-RoHS) Voltage Controlled Module
G40 Voltage Controlled Module
MA4VAT2004-1061T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
G30 Voltage Controlled Module
MAAV-007941-000000 Voltage Variable Absorptive
MAAV-007088-000100 Pin Diode Based Variable
MAAT-010521-H1 Voltage Variable Attenuator, 17.6 – 40 GHz
CG40 (non-RoHS) Voltage Controlled Module
MAATCC0013 Voltage Variable Absorptive
SMG40 Voltage Controlled Module
MAAV-007090-000100 Voltage Variable Absorptive
MAAV-008022-000000 Voltage Variable Attenuator
LG1 Thin-Film PIN Linearizer
SMG2 Voltage Controlled Module
MA4P7455-1225T PIN Diode Pi Quad
SMG30 Voltage Controlled Module
MA4VAT2000-1277T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
CG30 (non-RoHS) Voltage Controlled Module
SMG1 Voltage Controlled Module
MAAT-010521-L2 Voltage Variable Attenuator, 5.8– 12 GHz
MA4VAT907-1061T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MA4VAT904-1061T PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MADP-007167-12250T PIN Diode Pi Quad
CLG1 (non-RoHS) Thin-Film PIN Linearizer
MAAV-011014-DIE AlGaAs PIN Diode Voltage-Variable Attenuator Wideband, 80 - 100 GHz