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PIN Diode Voltage Variable
MACOM’s MA4VAT2004-1061T is a HMIC PIN Diode Variable Attenuator which utilizes an integrated 90 degree 3dB hybrid with a pair of Silicon PIN Diodes to perform the required attenuation function as D.C. Voltage (Current) is applied. This device operates from 0 to 1.66 Volts at 1.50mA typical control current for maximum attenuation. The user can add external biasing resistors to the bias ports for higher voltage requirements as required. MACOM’s MA4VAT2004-1061T PIN Diode Variable Attenuator is designed for AGC Circuit Applications requiring: • Lower Insertion Loss • Lower distortion through attenuation • Large dynamic range for wide spread spectrum applications
  • RoHs and ELV Compliant
  • Covers the Following Bands: • DCS • PCS • UMTS/WCDMA/CDMA • TD-S_CDMA • SCDMA
  • 0 – 1.66 Volts Control Voltage @ 1.50 mA (Typ.)
  • 45 dBm IIP3, (Typ.) (1 MHz Offset, @ + 0 dBm Pinc)
  • 21 dB Attenuation, (Typ.)
  • 1.4:1 VSWR, (Typ.)
  • 1.4 dB Insertion Loss, (Typ.)
  • 18.5 dB Attenuation, (Typ.)
  • 2:1 VSWR, (Typ.)
  • 1.8 dB Insertion Loss,(Typ.)
  • Usable Bandwidth: 1.50 GHz to 2.50 GHz
  • Wireless Networking and Communication
  • Min Frequency: 1,700 MHz
  • Max Frequency: 2,000 MHz
  • Insertion Loss: 1.4 dB
  • Attenuator Range: 24 dB
  • IIP3: 39 dBm
  • SOIC8
Package Category
  • Plastic Surface Mount
  • 4VAT2004
Lead Finish
  • 100% matte tin plate followed by a post-plating annealing of 1 hr at 150 C
  • Yes
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
Diode, HYBRID, Variable#Attenuator, 2GHz
SOIC8 Inquire

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