Connectorized Amplifiers

MACOM’s portfolio of connectorized amplifiers cover a frequency range of 10 kHz to 6 GHz and   10 MHz to 4 GHz. Each amplifier is designed to be unconditionally stable and have excellent cascadability. Our amplifiers are designed using thin film technology and are integrated components that include internal DC biasing circuitry, allowing them to maintain excellent electrical performance over the 55˚C to 100˚C range. Hermetically sealed and screened up to space level, these amplifiers are ideally suited for hi-reliability and mission critical applications. 

Part Number Description
CA75 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA74 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CRA89 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
AMC-145-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA4011 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
AMC-184-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA12 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Volt
CA79 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA33-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA26 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA180 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA66-3 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Eff
CA83-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA76 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CA81-2 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA3010 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
MAAM-007272-0CA515 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CA531 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA87-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA64 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CA1021 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CA66-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
AMC-147-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Hi Linearity
CA25-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
AMC-151-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Dyn Rge
CA38 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA29-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA70-2 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Hi Dyn Rge
CA28 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
AMC-123-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Hi Linearity
CA1212 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Volt
CRA69 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CA36-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
AMC-182-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CRA66 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CA35 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA45-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA78 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CLA17 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Limiting Amplifier
CA28-2 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Eff
CPA48 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Med. Power
CA24 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
AMC-146-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Linearity
CA17 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA77-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CRA89-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
AMC-155-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Dyn Rge
CLA7 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Limiting Amplifier
MAAM-007501-CA2002 Cascadable
CA6011 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
CA511 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA32-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
CAL7 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Limiting Amplifier
CA32 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Linearity
CA87 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA77 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
MAAM-008198-00A162 Cascadable, Hi Eff
CA82 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA67-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Eff
MAAM-007502-CPA512 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Med. Power
CA66 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA231 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
MAAM-008317-CA7503 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CRA36 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
MAAM-007272-0CA514 Cascadable, Hi Gain
CA19-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA18-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Dyn Rge
CPA38 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Med. Power
CA181 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA45 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
AMC-143-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable