Radar Core Chips

Multifunction GaAs and Silicon MCM designed for communication radar and weather applications. MACOM Core Chips deliver a complete transmit/receive function with phase and amplitude control.

Part Number Description
CGY2175AHV 3-Port, C-Band Integrated Core Chip
CGY2179HV 4-Bit, Ku-Band Core Chip
CGY2351UH Ka-Band Core Chip
CGY2170YHV 6-Bit, X-Band Core Chip
MAMF-011015 X-Band Multifunction MMIC
CGY2175AUH 3-Port, 6-Bits, C-Band Integrated Core Chip
CGY2350UH 5-Bit, Ka-Band Core Chip
CGY2170YUH 6-Bit, X-Band Core Chip
CGY2330UH 6-Bit, Ku-Band Core Chip
CGY2179UH 4-Bit, Ku-Band Core Chip