Carrier Convergence Processors

Macom offers a line of infrastructure voice processors, in concert with the carrier-grade Media Stream Processing software, that delivers a complete, integrated VoIP media, data and fax, signaling and control processing solution. Combined with powerful DSP cores with flexible packet processing engine and a rich set of interfaces, the processors support 256 to 640 channels of packet-TDM and packet-packet operation across the entire range of IP modulations, for VoIP and VoATM applications. A large suite of software packages for Wireline, Packet Cable, W-CDMA and CDMA2000 network applications are supported. Major applications include media gateways, session boarder controllers, wireless base transceiver stations and nod-Bs, base station controllers, radio network controllers, mobile switching centers, digital loop carriers, optical network terminals and optical line terminals for passive optical networks, digital subscriber line access multiplexers, class 4 and 5 switches, integrated access devices, IP private branch exchanges, ATM switches and IP routers.

Part Number Description
M82710 MACOM 6th-generation voice convergence processor
M82610 MACOM 5th-generation voice convergence processor
M82910 MACOM 7th-generation voice convergence processor