Distributed Amplifiers

At MACOM we design, manufacture, and support distributed amplifiers that provide a simple and easy solution for a wide variety of commercial and aerospace & defense applications. MACOM’s distributed amplifier family cover frequencies from DC to 80 GHz and are offered in both bare die and air cavity packages. These devices offer an excellent combination of broadband performance and ease of use for a variety of high-performance applications.

Part Number Description
CGY2160UH Wideband Amplifier 1.5 - 47 GHz
MAAM-011286-DIE Wideband Distributed Amplifier
MAAP-011325-DIE Power Amplifier, 0.25 W DC - 40 GHz
CGY2145UH Low Noise, Wide Band Amplifier
MAAM-011291-DIE Power Amplifier, 1 W 20 - 45 GHz
MAAP-011324 Power Amplifier, 0.25 W DC - 27 GHz
MAAP-011324-DIE Power Amplifier, 0.25 W DC - 27 GHz
MAAM-011275 Wideband Distributed Amplifier 30 kHz - 50 GHz
CGY2144UH Medium Gain Broadband Amplifier DC - 54 GHz
MAAM-011109 Wideband Amplifier
MAAM-011275-DIE Wideband Distributed Amplifier
MAAM-011231-DIE Wideband Distributed Amplifier 100 kHz - 50 GHz
MAAP-011327 Power Amplifier, 1 W 0.001 - 22 GHz
MAAM-011109-DIE Wideband Amplifier
MAAP-011327-DIE Power Amplifier, 1 W 0.001 - 22 GHz
MAAM-011238 Wideband Distributed Amplifier
CGY2141UH High Gain Broadband Amplifier
XD1001-BD Distributed Amplifier
MAAM-011238-DIE Wideband Distributed Amplifier
MAAM-015023-DIE Distributed Amplifier, 18 - 40 GHz
MAAM-011277-DIE 0.25 W Power Amplifier