OTN: Framer/Mapper/FEC

MACOM’s OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC family products offer complete portfolio of solutions for 10G, 40G and 100G optical transport networks. They are ideal for high-capacity Carrier Ethernet router/switches, Packet Optical Transport systems and DWDM Transport systems. The OTN framer devices integrate high performance Serdes I/O to allow seamless connection to optical and copper modules. The provisional Tri-FEC integration supports G.709 standard RS-FEC as well as high coding gain G.975.1 I.4 EFEC and I.7 UFEC to improve optical link performance, achieve longer reach and offer interoperability flexibility. 

Part Number Description
S10123 10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC
S60101 PQ60T: 6x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC
S40101 PQ40T: 4x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC
S12412 X240: 24x10G/40G/100G OTN & MACsec
S12312 X24: 24x10G/40G/100G OTN & MACsec
S10126 10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC
S20101 2x10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC
S12311 X120: 12x10G/40G/100G OTN & MACsec
S12411 X120: 12x10G/40G/100G OTN & MACsec
S50101 PQ50: 5x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC
S10124 10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC