OTN: Framer/Mapper/FEC

MACOM’s OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC family products offer complete portfolio of solutions for 10G, 40G and 100G optical transport networks. They are ideal for high-capacity Carrier Ethernet router/switches, Packet Optical Transport systems and DWDM Transport systems. The OTN framer devices integrate high performance Serdes I/O to allow seamless connection to optical and copper modules. The provisional Tri-FEC integration supports G.709 standard RS-FEC as well as high coding gain G.975.1 I.4 EFEC and I.7 UFEC to improve optical link performance, achieve longer reach and offer interoperability flexibility. 

Part Number Description
S12412 X240: 24x10G/40G/100G OTN & MACsec
S12311 X120: 12x10G/40G/100G OTN & MACsec
S50101 PQ50: 5x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC
S10126 10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC
S10124 10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC
S12312 X24: 24x10G/40G/100G OTN & MACsec
S12411 X120: 12x10G/40G/100G OTN & MACsec
S20101 2x10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC
S60101 PQ60T: 6x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC
S40101 PQ40T: 4x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC
S10123 10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC