10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC

The Yahara S10123/S10124/S10126 is a 10G Framer/Mapper/PHY device for 10GbE/8G/ 10G Fibre Channel (LAN), OC-192/STM-64 (WIS/WAN), and OTU2 network applications. It is ideal for DWDM, Multi-Service Transport Platforms, and Metro-Ethernet Switch/ Routers. The highly integrated device supports pure 10GbE LAN Metro-Ethernet networks, as well as WAN and OTN networks via its rich suite of 10GbE over WAN and OTN mapping modes. With integrated 10G XFI interfaces on both the client and line side interfaces, an OIF compliant SFI-4.1 interface for either the client or line Interface, flexible SFI-4.2/SFI-5s/XAUI system interface, and provisional G.709 standard and enhanced FEC features, it provides a highly integrated solution with seamless interfaces to XFP, SFP+, and tunable laser MSA optical modules. Yahara is available in a 25x25 footprint (S10124), with all interfaces bonded out, as well as in two smaller 19x19 footprint packages. The S10123 device includes the serial 10G line interface and system interface bonded out, while the S10126 includes two serial 10G line interfaces bonded out.

Product Specifications

Part Number
10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC
OTU2, OTU2e, OTU1e, OTU2f, OTU1f, 10GE, 10G FC, 8G FC, OC-192
Max Serdes Rate(Gbps)
Number of Ports
Signal Modulation Format
FEC Type
ITU G.709 FEC, ITU G.975.1 I.4 EFEC
I/F Spec
19mm 324-pin FCBGA


  • Supports 10GBase-R/10GBaseW, OC-192/STM64, 8G/10G FC, OTU-2 (Standard and Overclocked) Client Signals Extensive Client Mapping Solutions into WIS and OTU-2 Line signals, including Bit Transparency, GFP-T/F, and WIS Optical Line / Client Interfaces
  • Two 10G Serial Interfaces supporting specific Line/Client baud rates from 8.5Gb/s to 11.32Gb/s
  • Glue-less Interface to pluggable XFP/SFP+/ MSA modules Backplane Interface
  • SFI4.1 (16 x 622Mb/s to 708 Mb/s) Interface shared with Optical Client Interface
  • XAUI (3.125Gb/s or 3.1875Gb/s)
  • SFI4.2 (2.19Gb/s to 2.94Gb/s)
  • SFI-5s (2.125Gb/s to 2.85Gb/s)
  • Fully Compliant to IEEE802.3- 2005, ITU G.709, and XFP4.0 Standards On-Chip Fractional Clock Management Unit - only one reference clock required to generate all line rates for Metro/Carrier Ethernet Applications
  • Client Pass through support for LAN PHY and WAN PHY applications

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10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC