2x10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC

The S20101 is a 2-port Metro Ethernet and Wide-Area Network access device aimed at CarrierGrade Ethernet Switch/Routers and Dense Wave Development Multiplexor applications. The device supports both XAUI and RXAUI system/backplane interfaces and 10Gb/s High Speed Serial Line Interfaces for seamless connection to XFP/SFP+. Via its rich suite of mapping modes, the PQ20E device can provisionally map 10GbE into OTN and WIS Compliant signals to be transported over multivendor OTN, WIS (SONET/SDH) networks. In addition, the device also supports OTN and WIS bypass modes to enable pure LAN PHY applications.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Max Serdes Rate(Gbps)
Number of Channels
Embedded CDR
Embedded SerDes
35mm 1155-pin FCBGA
Supply Voltage
2.5, 1.2, 0.9
Signal Rate
OTN Signals


  • Monolithically integrates 2x industry proven Pemaquid devices for high density 10GE Carrier-Ethernet line cards
  • Integrates 10GE MAC/PCS termination, frame generation and RMON functions
  • Software API compatible with industry proven Pemaquid
  • Includes Tri-FEC support (Reed-Solomon, G.975.1, I.4 and G.975.1, 1.7) for both 10G and 40G
  • On-chip Fractional-N Clock Synthesizer- only one reference clock is required to generate all line rates
  • Supports LAN, WIS and OTN with 5 differnt 10GE mapping modes outlined in ITU G.Sup43
  • Full OTN and SONET/SDH (WIS compliant) overhead monitoring with overhead drop/insert support
  • 16-bit, 66 MHz microprocessor IF


  • Single-chip, multi-channel, 10G Super-PHY for LAN, WAN and OTN line cards
  • Carrier grade metro-ethernet switch/router line cards
  • OTU-2 DWDM line cards
  • 10G multi-service provision platform line cards
  • 10GbE IEEE802.ae-ER/ZR uplink line card for enterprise switch applications

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2x10G OTN framer/mapper/FEC