PQ40T: 4x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC

PQ40E is a highly-integrated VLSI device designed for carrying 4x 10G or 1x 40G Ethernet services by using IEEE802.3 in LAN/WAN environment or by using OTN standard in Metro and Long Haul networks. It is ideal for Carrier-Ethernet Switch/ Router and DWDM systems as this device can be a simple multi-channel PHY layer device, supporting pure 10GbE or 40GbE Carrier-Ethernet networks, as well as a highly integrated Framer/FEC device, supporting WAN/OTN network via its rich suite of 10GbE/40GbE over OTN mapping modes. The device has integrated multi-purpose IOs to support seamless interface to various 10G/40G optical modules (XFP/SFP+/CFP/Serial CFP/SFI5.1) and also to NPU/Switch device (XAUI/ RXAUI/XLAUI/Interlaken).

Product Specifications

Part Number
PQ40T: 4x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC
OTU3, OTU3e2, OTU2, OTU2e, OTU1e, 40GE, 10GE
Max Serdes Rate(Gbps)
Number of Ports
Signal Modulation Format
FEC Type
ITU G.709 FEC, ITU G.975.1 I.7 UFEC, ITU G.975.1 I.4 EFEC
I/F Spec
XLAUI, OTL3.4, STL256.4, SFI5.1, XFI, SFI, RXAUI, XAUI, SFI4.2, SFI5.2
35mm 1155-pin FCBGA


  • Monolithically integrates 4x industry proven Pemaquid devices for high density 10GE Carrier-Ethernet line cards
  • Software API compatible with industry proven Pemaquid device
  • Integrates 10GE/40GE MAC/PCS termination, frame generation and RMON functions
  • Includes Tri-FEC support (Reed-Solomon, G.975.1, I.4 and G.975.1, 1.7) for both 10G and 40G
  • Integrated DPSK Precoder
  • 4x On-chip Fractional-N Clock Synthesizer- only one reference clock is required to generate all line rates
  • Supports latest 40GE transcoding for OTN transport
  • Supports LAN, WIS and OTN with 5 different 10GE mapping modes outlined in ITU G.Sup43
  • Supports 10GbE into WIS frame, and then into an OTU-2 (ITU G.Sup43, section 6.1)
  • Supports 10GbE into OTU-2 via GFP-F mapping with two flow control modes (ITU G.Sup43, section 6.2)
  • Bit Transparency mode - 10GbE mapped directly into OTU-2e/1e at 11.096Gb/s or 11.049Gb/s (ITU G.Sup43, section 7.1 & 7.2)

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PQ40T: 4x10G/40G OTN Framer/Mapper/FEC