Low Noise

The MAAM37000-A1 is a wide-band, low noise, MMIC amplifier housed in a small, lead-free, 8-lead ceramic package. It includes two integrated gain stages and employs series inductive feedback to obtain excellent noise figure and a good, 50 O, input and output impedance match over the entire frequency band. The MAAM37000-A1 operates from a single +4 V supply. It is fully monolithic, requires no external components, and is provided in a user-friendly, microwave package. The MAAM37000-A1 performs well as a low noise amplifier in receive applications and as a driver or buffer amplifier where high gain, excellent linearity and low power consumption are important. Because of its wide bandwidth, the MAAM37000-A1 can be used in numerous commercial and government system applications, such as TVRO, VSAT, missile guidance and radar. The MAAM37000-A1 is manufactured in-house using a reliable, 0.5-micron, GaAs MESFET process. This product is 100% RF tested to ensure compliance to performance specifications.