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MACOM’s 37.0-40.0 GHz GaAs MMIC Intergrated Up-converter that has a typical conversion gain of 7 dB, and an image rejection of greater than 15 dBc. It has been optimized for USB operation. The device includes a LO doubler and buffer, and can be tuned to give 2xLO leakage of less than -25 dBm. Variable gain regulation can be achieved by adjusting the bias, with turn-down trajectories optimized to maintain linearity and minimal 2xLO leakage over the gain control range. At full gain, an OIP3 of 26 dBm is typical. The device comes in an RoHS compliant 4x4mm QFN surface mount package offering excellent RF and thermal properties. Typical application for this device are as an up-converter stage in a linear 38GHz radio transmit lineup. They device is well suited for Millimeter-wave Point-to-Point Radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.
  • Integrates Image Reject (Balanced) Mixer, LO Buffer,LO Doubler and RF Buffer
  • 100% RF and DC Testing Electrical
  • 4x4mm QFN Package
  • Variable Gain with Adjustable Bias
  • 26 dBm Output Third Order Intercept Point (OIP3)
  • -25 dBm (2x) LO Leakage (at RF Port)
  • 7 dB Conversion Gain (USB)
  • LMDS
  • VSAT
  • Wireless Networking and Communication
  • Gain: 7 dB
  • OIP3: 27 dBm
  • Min Frequency: 37,000 MHz
  • Max Frequency: 40,000 MHz
  • 4mm PQFN-24LD
Package Category
  • Plastic Surface Mount
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
MMIC, 4x4 QFN, TX, 38G, MSL3, BULK
In Stock: 332
MMIC, 4x4 QFN, TX, 38G, MSL3, T&R
4MM PQFN-24LD Inquire Buy
MMIC, 4x4 QFN, TX, 38G, MSL3, T&R
4MM PQFN-24LD Inquire
EVAL, XU1019-QH-0G00
4MM PQFN-24LD Inquire

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