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Multifunction GaAs MMIC designed for communication radar and weather applications.

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releaseDate Part Number Ordering Transmit Gain (dB) Transmit P1dB (dBm) Receive Gain (dB) Receive Noise Figure (dBm) Min Frequency (GHz) Max Frequency (GHz) Datasheet Features Package Application Notes Product Image Phase Shifter (bit count) Attenuator (bit count)
MAMF-011015 Inquire 11 23 24 2 8 11 MAMF-011015.pdf
TX Gain: 11 dB

TX PSAT: 23 dBm

RX Gain: 24 dB

RX Noise Figure: 2 dB

Lead-Free 7 mm 44-Lead PQFN Package

Halogen-Free “Green” Mold Compound

RoHS* Compliant

7mm 44-lead PQFN
7mm PQFN-44.jpg
6 6

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