Beam Lead Capacitors 9000 Series VB > 50V

MACOM's MMI-9000 and 9100 Series Chip Capacitors feature high stand-off voltage and low dielectric loss due to our use of nitride/oxide dielectric layers. Gold bonding surfaces, top and bottom provide ease of bonding and minimum contact resistance. MIS capacitors have high insulation resistance, low dissipation factor, and low-temperature coefficient, which are features that produce devices with excellent long term stability.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Beam Lead Capacitors 9000 Series VB > 50V
Capacitance Range (pF)
15 + 20%
Package Style
14' -3


  • High Reliability Silicon, Nitride/Oxide Dielectric
  • Gold Metallization Front and Back
  • Long Term Reliability and Stability
  • Low Loss and High Q

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Die, Capacitor, 15 pF +/-20%