Burst Mode OLT TIA

The M02035 is a burst mode CMOS TIA (transimpedance amplifier) designed to be used in a XGPON-1 OLT receiver. The output settling time exceeds XGPON-1 OLT timing requirements. The transimpedance gain of 0.8 kO (single-ended) provides good sensitivity and a wide burst to burst dynamic range of more than 25 dB. For optimum system performance, the M02035 die should be mounted with an APD photo detector inside a lensed TO-Can or other optical sub-assembly. A replica of the average photodiode current is available at the MON pad for photo alignment and fast Imon settling time make it ideal for burst mode receiver power monitoring.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Burst Mode OLT TIA
Max Data Rate(Gbps)
Package Type
Number of Channels
Integrated CDR


  • Typical continuous mode -31.5 dBm sensitivity, -6 dBm saturation at 2.5 Gbps when used with a 8 A/W APD (Cpd = 0.3 pF, BER 10-10)
  • Available in die form only
  • Standard +3.3 Volt supply
  • Differential output
  • Fabricated in standard CMOS
  • 10 ns typical burst settling time
  • Burst to burst dynamic range of 25 dB
  • Typical single-ended transimpedance: 0.8 kO

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Burst Mode OLT TIA