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3 Gbps, 3.3V Laser Driver
The M02066 is a highly integrated, programmable laser driver intended for short-reach SONET/SDH applications. Using differential PECL data and clock inputs, the M02066 supplies the bias and modulation current for driving an edge-emitting laser. The modulation output can be DC coupled to the laser diode, giving a significant power savings over AC coupled operation. The modulation current is temperature-compensated to minimize variation in extinction ratio over temperature.
  • High-speed operation, suitable for applications to 3 Gbps
  • Available in RoHS compliant packages
  • M02066-82 is available in a TQFP32 package
  • M02066-21 and M02066-51 are available in a BCC+24 package
  • Operates with +3.3 volt supply
  • Bias and modulation current monitor
  • Automatic laser power control with programmable temperature compensation and ‘Slow-Start’
  • Bias current to 100 mA and modulation current to 85 mA at VCC = 3.3 V
  • Independently programmable laser bias and modulation currents
  • Differential data and clock inputs to minimize pattern dependent jitter
  • DC or AC coupled modulation drive
  • Typical rise/fall times of 90 ps
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Optical Networking
  • Max. Data-Rate: 2.5 Gbps
  • Max Output Mod Current: 85 mA
  • Max Output Bias Current: 100 mA
  • Driver Input Sensitivity: 300 mV
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3 V
  • Power Consumption: 0.19 W
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Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
CX02066 - TQFP32 integrated circuit
5X5MM ETQFP-32LD Inquire
M02066G-21 -RoHs-
4X4MM BCC+-24LD Inquire

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