4-channel 2A LED/Laser Driver for Panel Based Projectors

The M08898 is a high efficiency integrated LED/laser driver for LCD/LCoS/TI DLP® projection displays. Each of the four channels may drive up to 2 A. Color mixing is register selectable and the correct LED drive current is automatically loaded and the DC-DC converter can be programmed to always adjust its output for the LED with the highest forward voltage. A single DC-DC converter can be used to supply all 4 outputs or as many as 4 external DC-DC converters can be controlled to generate the optimal LED bias voltages. Safety Circuitry features include over-temperature and over-voltage monitoring. The M08898 features also fully programmable PWM current generator. The part is programmed via I2C and a standalone EEPROM port allows automatic loading of internal registers with minimal microcontroller overhead. NOTE: DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments

Product Specifications

Part Number
4-channel 2A LED/Laser Driver for Panel Based Projectors
Current per Channel
Maximum Current
Number of Channels
Programmable Internal PWM Generator
Integrated PMIC
Automatic Power Control
Electronic Laser Despeckle


  • Four 2 A common anode LED/laser drivers
  • Li Battery and 5V adapter operation
  • External EEPROM port
  • High speed I2C interface
  • Integrated programmable PWM current generator
  • Automatic Safety Circuitry—Over Voltage, Over Temperature, LED open circuit detect
  • Control circuitry for up to 4 different external DC-DC Converters to optimize efficiency
  • Integrated 12.5 Msps 10-bit current DACs with 6-bit programmable full scale for output current setting
  • Programmable Color Mixing allows all LEDs to be on simultaneously


  • LCD/LCoS/DLP portable and pico projectors
  • High current laser/LED systems
  • Multicolor LED/laser displays
  • Head-up and Head mounted displays

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