3.8G 40x40 Crosspoint

M21125 (40 x 40) is an asynchronous crosspoint switch rated to operate up to 3.8 Gbps per lane. Fully non-blocking switch core allows any input to be routed to any output, or any group of four lanes to be routed to any other group of four lanes with tight skew control which is useful for HDMI, DVI, KVM or Displayport applications. Signal conditioning capabilities include input equalization and output de-emphasis, configurable on a per-lane basis and optimized for PCB traces and shielded twisted pair (STP) cables such as those used in HDMI, DVI, KVM or Displayport. This device is enhanced to support port selection and switching for HDMI, DVI, KVM or Displayport applications supporting configurations from 5x1 to 10x10 switching/port selections in a common footprint. The low-power design provides a flexible power supply range, and the ability to power-off unused I/O. Additional power supply savings can be realized by utilizing the SmartPower feature, which dynamically powers-down unused portions of the switch core.

Product Specifications

Part Number
3.8G 40x40 Crosspoint
Max Data Rate(Gbps)
Number of Channels
Embedded CDR
Power Consumption (W)
Package Size


  • Protocol agnostic up to 3.8Gb/s
  • Junction temperature sensor
  • JTAG boundary scan
  • I2C or hardwired pins control
  • Serial and parallel programming modes
  • Electrical bus idle transparent
  • 2.5V to 3.3V power supply operation
  • Loss of Signal (LOS) alarm
  • Programmable output de-emphasis
  • Programmable per lane input equalization
  • Common Footprint for M21115
  • 40x40 Non-blocking crosspoint switch
  • Extended temperature operation: -40°C to +85°C

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