4.25G 12x12 Crosspoint

The M21443 is a twelve channel device designed to enable the transmission of multi-gigabit serial data through the most challenging environments. The device features twelve independent, programmable equalizers that equalize data at rates up to 4.25 Gbps. The M21443 is ideal for redundancy switch applications for buses that are developed in groups of four such as XAUI and PCI Express. Hardware switch control allows for very fast switching during failover conditions. The M21443 can also be controlled via an I2C compatible bus or self-configure from an external EEPROM without the need for a host processor. For compatibility with 2.5 Gbps PCI-Express and 3.0 Gbps S-ATA/SAS systems, the M21443 is designed with an electrical idle pass-through function to drive the differential output to the common mode level during OOB signaling. The device is available in a 14x14 mm, 100-pin eTQFP package.

Product Specifications

Part Number
4.25G 12x12 Crosspoint
Max Data Rate(Gbps)
Number of Channels
Embedded CDR
Power Consumption (W)
Package Size


  • Programmable Equalization for up to 40" of FR-4 PCB trace at 4.25 Gbps
  • Integrated 12x12 Crosspoint Switch Matrix
  • Industrial temperature range (-40° C to 85° C)
  • 14x14 mm, 100-pin eTQFP package
  • HW, SW, AND EEPROM programmable
  • Up to 23 dB of input equalization and 6 dB of output de-emphasis
  • Low power dissipation: 115 mW per channel, 1.4 W total power at 1.2V
  • Independently programmable output drive and de-emphasis levels
  • Supports electrical idle signaling for PCIe and OOB signaling for S-ATA/SAS

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M21443 12x12 4.25G Signal Conditioner