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N Type Si
This family of low capacitance Schottky diodes is designed to give superior performance in video detectors and power monitors from 100 MHz through 40 GHz. They have low junction capacitance and repeatable video impedance. These diodes are available in a wide range of ceramic, stripline and axial lead packages and as bondable chips. Both P and N type diodes are offered. Detectors and power monitors in stripline, coaxial and waveguide circuits through 40 GHz. These low barrier packaged detector diodes are suitable for use in stripline, waveguide, and coaxialdetectors. They feature high sensitivity and low l/f noise. These diodes are listed by increasing test frequency, grouped by packages style and decreasing Tss. Other case styles than those specified may be available.
  • Wide Selection of Packages for Stripline, Coaxial, and Waveguide Detectors
  • Low 1/F Noise
  • Excellent Sensitivity Through Ka-Band
  • Both P and N Type Diodes
  • Chip Diodes Available
  • ISM
  • Tss: -55 dBm
  • Min Frequency: 0 MHz
  • Junction Capacitance: 0.12 pF
  • Vf: 0.15 V
  • Total Capacitance: 0.32 pF
  • Vb: 3 
  • Test Frequency: 10 GHz
  • Max Frequency: 10,000 MHz
  • ODS-119
Package Category
  • Ceramic Coaxial Mount
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Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
Diode, Schottky, Hi-Rel, Ceramic, Si
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