GaAs High Q Abrupt Junction

The MA46600 series of microwave tuning varactors is a family of abrupt junction gallium arsenide devices featuring Q factors in excess of 8000. This series is specifically designed for broadband high Q tuning performance (up to 8000 at -4 volts and 50 MHz) from L through Ka band. Characteristics such as high reliability, low leakage and close capacitance tracking between diodes are typical of these devices. Standard capacitance matching is ± 10%, but closer matching is available upon request. All diode types are available in a wide selection of ceramic packages as well as in chip form. The MA46600 series of tuning varactors can be used for both broad and narrow band tuning through Ka-band. Typical applications include solid state tuning of VCOs using transistors or Gunns as well as voltage tunable filters and amplifier circuits. The GaAs abrupt junction tuning varactors offer the highest Q of any tuning varactors and are utilized in high frequency applications where Q is premium.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Short Description
GaAs High Q Abrupt Junction
Total Capacitance(pF)
Quality Factor @ 50 MHz, Min
Breakdown Voltage(V)
ODS-134 Die
Package Category
Surface Mount Die


  • Constant Gamma Abrupt Junction: 0.5
  • Highest Q
  • Large Capacitance Variation with Voltage
  • Custom Tailored Designs Available on Request
  • RoHS* Compliant


  • ISM

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