Low Barrier Si

The MA4E2054 series are low barrier n-type silicon Schottky diodes assembled in low cost surface mount plastic packages. They are designed for use as high performance mixer and detector diodes. These parts are offered with Sn/Pb plating, as well as with 100 % matte Sn plating on the RoHS compliant part numbers. The MA4E2054-1141T (SOD-323), MA4E20541 -1279 (SC-79) and the MA4E2054A and MA4E2054C (available in both the SOT-23 and SOT-323 packages) are single element Schottky diodes characterized for use as single ended mixers and detectors. The MA4E2054B and MA4E2054D (available in both the SOT-23 and SOT-323 packages) incorporate two Schottky chips in series pair configurations. The MA4E2054E-1068T consists of two Schottky chips in the SOT-143 package in an unconnected pair configuration. These diodes are useful for balanced mixer and detector voltage doubler circuits. Applications for the MA4E2054 series include VSAT and DBS mixers. The small diode package size and low cost make them attractive for use in RF tag applications for identification and toll collection. The part number consists of the base chip (MA4E2054), followed by the wiring configuration (A, B, C, D, E, omit for SOD-323), the package style (287, 1068, 1141, 1146) and a “T” for tape and reel.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Short Description
Surface Mount Low Barrier Schottky Diode
Total Capacitance(pF)
Dynamic Resistance(ohms)
Junction Capacitance(pF)
Package Category
Plastic Surface Mount


  • Low IR (<100nA @ 1V, <500nA @ 3V)
  • Low 1/F Noise Single, Series Pair, and Unconnected Pair Configurations
  • Low Capacitance: 0.30 pF
  • High Detector Sensitivity: -55 dBm TSS
  • Designed for High Volume, Low Cost Detector and Mixer Applications
  • Lead Free
  • Tape and Reel
  • 260°C Reflow Compatible
  • RoHS Compliant


  • ISM

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