High Avg. Power SMQ

MACOM's MELF and HIPAX PIN diode series are designed for usage in switch and attenuator applications requiring high power handling and low distortion. The MELF and HIPAX PIN diodes incorporate a fully passivated PIN diode chip resulting in an extremely low reverse bias leakage current. The semiconductor technology utilized in the MELF and HIPAX families draws on MACOM's substantial experience in PIN diode design and wafer fabrication. The result is a device which has a thick I-region and long carrier lifetime while maintaining low series resistance and capacitance values. The chips of the MELF and HIPAX PIN diodes are enclosed in a rugged ceramic package and is full face bonded to metal pins on both the anode and cathode. The result is a low loss PIN diode with low thermal resistance due to symmetrical thermal paths. The parts are offered in either magnetic or non-magnetic, HIPAX (axial leaded) or Metal Electrode Leadless Faced (MELF) surface mount packages for MRI applications. The MELF is a rectangular SMQ, package which is designed for high volume tape and reel assembly. This easy to use package design makes automatic pick and place, indexing and assembly, extremely easy. The parallel flat surfaces are suitable for most key jaw or vacuum pick-up techniques. All of the solderable surfaces are tin plated and compatible with industry standard reflow and vapor phase soldering processes. See page 7 of Application Note M538 on the MACOM's.