High Peak, Avg. Power

MACOM's KILOVOLT™ PIN diode series utilize modern semiconductor and packaging technology that assures low loss, low distortion, and reliable performance in multi-kilowatt switch applications at frequencies as low as 1 MHz. The PIN chips employed have low resistance, high power dissipation and very high stand-off voltage capability. KILOVOLT™ PIN diodes employ ultra high resistively, long carrier lifetime, float zone material onto which P+ and N+ regions are deposited using an epitaxial process designed by MACOM's for high voltage PIN diodes. This process results in better preservation of the carrier lifetime and superior layer to layer interface when compared to a conventional double diffused process. The processing of the I-region width is tightly controlled using modern lapping techniques. KILOVOLT™ PIN diode chips utilize MACOM's proprietary Cermachip™ glass passivation. The hard glass covers all exposed junction and intrinsic surfaces. This results in a hermetically sealed, passivated chip that has been used in many high reliability military and commercial programs.