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PIN Diodes
This device is a silicon-glass PIN diode chip fabricated with MACOM's patented HMIC™ process. This device features two silicon pedestals embedded in a low loss glass. The diode is formed on the top of one pedestal and connections to the backside of the device are facilitated by making the pedestal sidewalls conductive. Selective backside metalization is applied producing a surface mount device. The topside is fully encapsulated with silicon nitride and has an additional polymer layer for scratch protection. These protective coatings prevent damage to the junction and the anode air-bridge during handling and assembly. These packageless devices are suitable for usage in Moderate Incident Power ( 5 W C.W. ) or Higher Incident Peak Power ( 200 W, 1 uS, 0.001 Duty ) Series, Shunt, or Series-Shunt Switches. Small Parasitic Inductance, 0.7 nH, and Excellent RC Constant, 0.20 pS, make the devices ideal for TR Switch and Accessory Switch Circuits, where higher P1db and IP3 values are required. These diodes can also be used in p, T, Tapered Resistance, and Switched-Pad Attenuator Control Circuits for 50O ? or 75O ? systems
  • Surface Mount Device
  • Ultra-Low Parasitic Capacitance and Inductance
  • Polymer Scratch Protection
  • Silicon Nitride Passivation
  • Rugged Silicon-Glass Construction
  • No Wirebonds Required
  • Higher Power Handling ( Efficient Heat sinking )
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • ISM
  • Total Capacitance: 0.06 pF
  • Total Capacitance: 0.06 pF
  • CW Power Dissipation: 1 W
  • Resistance: 1.7 Ohm
  • Thermal Resistance: 30 
  • Min Frequency: 50 MHz
  • Breakdown Voltage, Minimum: 200 V
  • Lifetime: 2,500 nS
  • Max Frequency: 26,000 MHz
  • ODS-1270
Package Category
  • Surface Mount Die
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Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
HMIC Surmount PIN with Vertical Via
ODS-1270 Inquire Buy
Diode, PIn, Surmount,
DIE Inquire Buy

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