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Surface Mount Plastic PIN Diode
MACOM offers these silicon PIN diodes in a low cost, surface mount plastic package for use as a switch or attenuator. These diodes are offered with 100% matte Sn plating on and are RoHS compliant devices. These PIN diodes feature optimized I-region lengths which results in low resistance, low capacitance device for various microwave control circuit applications. The MADP-010631-13920T offers the lowest series resistance and the best performance as a low loss series or high isolation shunt switch.
  • Surface Mount Packages
  • 260°C Reflow Compatible
  • Tape and Reel Packaging
  • Low Loss, High Isolation Switching Diodes
  • RoHS* Compliant
  • ISM
  • Resistance: 0.5 Ohm
  • Total Capacitance: 1 pF
  • Total Capacitance: 1 pF
  • CW Power Dissipation: 5 W
  • Min Frequency: 25 MHz
  • Breakdown Voltage, Minimum: 100 V
  • Lifetime: 200 nS
  • Max Frequency: 3,000 MHz
  • ODS-1392
Package Category
  • Plastic Surface Mount
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Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
Diode, PIN, Plastic
1.3X2.0MM TDFN-2LD Inquire Buy

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