High Barrier Surmount Cross-Over Quad

The MADS-002545-1307 Series Surmount Silicon Schottky Cross-Over Quad Diodes are fabricated with the patented Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (HMIC™) process. HMIC™ circuits consist of Silicon pedestals which form diodes or via conductors embedded in a glass dielectric, which acts as the low dispersion, low loss, microstrip transmission medium. The combination of silicon and glass allows HMIC™ devices to have excellent loss and power dissipation characteristics in a low profile, reliable device. These Surmount Schottky devices are excellent choices for circuits requiring the small parasitics of a beam lead device coupled with the superior mechanical performance of a chip. The Surmount structure employs very low resistance silicon vias to connect the Schottky contacts to the metalized mounting pads on the bottom surface of the chip. These devices are reliable, repeatable, and a lower cost performance solution to conventional devices. They have lower susceptibility to electrostatic discharge than conventional beam lead Schottky diodes. The multi-layer metallization employed in the fabrication of the Surmount Schottky junctions includes a platinum diffusion barrier, which permits all devices to be subjected to a 16- hour non-operating stabilization bake at 300°C. The “ 0202 ” outline allows for Surface Mount placement and multi- functional polarity orientations. The MADS-002545-1307 Series is recommended for use in microwave circuits through Ku band frequencies for lower power applications such as mixers, sub-harmonic mixers, detectors and limiters. The HMIC construction facilitates the direct replacement of more fragile beam lead diodes with the corresponding Surmount diode, which can be connected to a hard or soft substrate circuit with solder.

Product Specifications

Part Number
High Barrier Surmount Cross-Over Quad
Total Capacitance(pF)
Dynamic Resistance(ohms)
Junction Capacitance(pF)
Package Category
Surface Mount Die


  • Ultra Low Parasitic Capacitance and Inductance
  • Lower Susceptibility to ESD Damage
  • Barrier, 100% Stabilization Bake (300 °C, 16 hours)
  • Reliable, Multilayer Metallization with a Diffusion
  • Rugged HMIC™ Construction with Polyimide Scratch Protection
  • Surface Mountable in Microwave Circuits , No Wire bonds Required


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • ISM

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