Quad Channel 227Gbps Linear Equalizer

The MAEQ-40904 is a quad 113.5GBaud (227Gbps) linear PAM4 Equalizer intended to extend the reach of Twinaxial (Twinax) passive copper cables. Depending on the Twinax AWG, the equalizer can extend the length supported by providing a signal boost on each channel up to 16dB at Nyquist frequency of 53.125GHz. The MAEQ-40904 has also low latency (<200ps) and, can be configured to different cable lengths via OTP bits or optionally managed with the Two-wire digital interface. The device supports an input swing launch up-to 1000mVppd. Additional features include low power mode and register configuration via 2-wire digital interface, with four selectable 2-wire digital interface addresses. The inputs and outputs of this device are DC coupled. The MAEQ-40904 is a die bump chip. The chip dimensions are 4.514mm X 1.642mm, with a die height of 0.445mm, and a minimum bump pitch of 156.25um.

Product Specifications

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Quad Channel 227Gbps Linear Equalizer
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  • Quad channel 106/113.5GBaud PAM4, fully linear equalizer
  • Extends the reach of a 1m passive Twinax copper cable up to 2.5m with ACC
  • Per channel, programmable EQ range of 12dB to 16dB at Nyquist frequency of 53.125GHz.
  • Optimized EQ settings can be stored in the One Time Programmable (OTP) register area
  • DC coupled inputs and outputs.
  • Single 3.3V power supply.
  • Supports an optional two-wire interface

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Quad Channel 227Gbps Linear Equalizer