General Purpose Digital Controller IC

The MAMF-011039 is a general purpose controller IC for use with many of MACOM’s optical modulator driver products. It has both SPI and I2C digital interfaces for flexible programming. It includes an array of DACs for programming analog output voltages and currents. It also includes a number of analog inputs which can be muxed to a 12-bit ADC for output via the serial interface. Full closed loop analog gain control can also be implemented with the IC. An on-board temperature sensor can be used for monitoring and calibration. The part is designed such that a single controller IC can be used in conjunction with up to 4 channels of modulator drivers. All circuits can be powered up on an as-needed basis allowing power dissipation to be optimized for each application. The part is available in die form for integration in a module with the appropriate optical modulator driver circuits. This Digital Controller IC is used in conjunction with MAOM-002304 and MAOM-002301.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Input Logic High (VIH)(V)
Input Logic Low (VIL)(V)
DAC Outputs - Voltage(V)
DAC Outputs - Current(mA)
Supply Voltage(V)


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