Single Channel 53 Gbaud Linear EML Driver

The MAOM-005321 is a high performance linear EML driver for single-lambda 100G applications using 53 Gbaud PAM4 modulation. The device has linear differential to single-ended voltage gain which is adjustable from 5 dB to 11 dB and incorporates a peak detector for use in an externally controlled automatic power control (APC) loop. The linear  output voltage can be adjusted up to 1.8 Vpp with typical power dissipation of 0.4 W and total harmonic distortion of less than 4%. The part is available in a 3mm X 4mm surface mount package with integrated high frequency coils.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Single Channel 53 Gbaud Linear EML Driver
Max. Data-Rate(GBaud)
Number of Channels
Package Category
Land Grid Array

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Single Channel 53GBaud Linear EML driver