64 GBaud Quad Channel, Linear Differential Modulator Driver

The MAOM-006408 is a high performance quad channel differential input / differential output linear modulator driver for 64 Gbaud applications. The part has up to 19 dB of gain with 15 dB of gain range and a maximum output voltage of 3 VPPD. It is available in bare die form for integration in a TOSA and can be directly DC coupled to an optical modulator for maximum bandwidth, minimum size and minimum power dissipation of only 390 mW per channel. The MAOM-006408 also has detectors on each output and frequency response peaking adjustment to optimize performance with different modulators and assemblies.

Product Specifications

Part Number
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Quad Channel 64 Gbaud Linear Driver
Max. Data-Rate(GBaud)
Number of Channels
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  • Data rate: up to 64 Gbaud
  • Differential input, differential output
  • Open drain for DC coupling to modulator
  • Linear output voltage up to 4.0 Vppd
  • Linear differential voltage gain range from 11 to 17 dB
  • Input voltage: Up to 1000 mVpp Differential
  • Power Consumption including modulator: 0.5 W/channel
  • 2.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.1 mm die


  • 64 Gbaud
  • 64 Gbaud and modulation up to 64QAM

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