32 Gb/s Linear Differential Modulator Driver IC

The MAOM-03409D is a high performance, fully differential, quad channel, linear modulator driver for 100G and 200G coherent applications. It has high linear gain of 19 dB with up to 10 dB of gain control range. The device can take a differential input voltage up to 700 mVpp and the differential output voltage can be adjusted from 2 VPPD to 4 VPPD while maintaining excellent THD performance. The MAOM-03409D has very low power dissipation of 0.78 W per channel at 4 VPPD output and is packaged in a surface mount package with integrated high frequency coils and coupling capacitors.

Product Specifications

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Max. Data-Rate(Gbps)
Number of Channels
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  • 100Gbps Metro
  • CFP /CFP2 Transceiver, Transponder
  • Test Equipment

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Mod Driver,4Channel,32Gbps,Linear Diff