10G EPON Burst Mode TIA with Rate Select

The MATA-02238 is a burst-mode transimpedance amplifier aimed at addressing 10G-EPON and 10G-GPON OLT applications. The output settling time exceeds 10G-EPON OLT timing requirements, while a transimpedance gain of 6 k provides a 90 mV swing at sensitivity. Rate select is provided in the MATA-02238 by means of a dedicated pad, or via the RSSI_RS Pad. Low rate mode is optimized for 1.25 Gbps performance. For optimum system performance, the MATA-02238 die should be mounted with an APD photodetector inside a lensed TO-Can or other optical subassembly.

Product Specifications

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10G EPON Burst Mode TIA with Rate Select
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  • New gen low power 10.3 G dual date burst mode TIA
  • Typical -32 dBm sensitivity with APD at 1e-3 BER
  • Selection between fixed rated (10G mode only) or dual rate (1G/10G mode)


  • 10G EPON, IEEE 802.3av
  • XGS-PON, ITU G.9807.1
  • NG-PON2, ITU G.989.2
  • 10G-GPON and 10G-EPON OLT transceivers
  • 1 Gbps/10 Gbps dual rate OLT ROSA/BOSA

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10G EPON Burst Mode TIA with Rate Select