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28 Gbps TIA
The MATA-03003 28 Gbps TIA supports data rates from 8.5 Gbps to 28 Gbps. The MATA-03003 consumes very low power: approximately 85 mW, allowing it to be used in high density optical interconnect solutions. Features include: RSSI for photo-alignment and power monitoring, and low rate mode for backward compatibility with legacy applications.
  • Second Gen single channel TIA for ROSA or Chip-on-board assembly
  • Low power operation typical 80 mW
  • Data rates from 8.5 to 28 Gbps
  • 21 GHz bandwidth in high rate mode
  • 10/100 Gb Ethernet
  • InfiniBand EDR
  • Optical Modules CFP-2, CFP-4, QSFP+
  • OTU-4
  • Wireless CPRI
  • SFP28
  • Max Data Rate: 28 Gbps
  • Differential Transimpedance Gain: 3.8 kOhms
  • Small Signal Bandwidth: 21 GHz
  • Input Overload Current: 4 mA
  • Input Referred Noise (IRN, RMS nA): 1.4 nA
  • Optical sensitivity with PIN: -18 dBm
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TIA, 28G
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TIA, 28G
DIE Inquire

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