Quad 26 to 28 GBaud Linear Trainsimpedance Amplifier 53Gbps to 56Gbps

 The MATA-38019 Quad Linear TIA supports 26 - 28GBaud optical data links. The MATA-38019 consumes very low power, typically 190mW per channel at 2.9V, allowing to be used in high density optical interconnect solutions. Features include RSSI for photoalignment, power monitoring, I2C control of Bandwidth, output amplitude and peaking control, LOS (Loss of Signal), Gain and other parameters. The part is available to support wirebond assemblies. 

Product Specifications

Part Number
Short Description
Bandwidth/Gain Optimized
Package Type
Integrated CDR


  • Optimized for 26 /28 Gbaud operation via I2C
  • 750 um Anode to Anode spacing
  • RSSI for photo-alignment and monitoring
  • Support for Wire bonding applications
  • Integrated AGC loop
  • Flexible, integrated PINK regulator enabling large and small reverse bias voltage on PD
  • Operating temperature range -5 to + 95C


  • OTN
  • 64G Fibre Channel
  • EDR
  • HDR InfiniBand
  • Proprietary Standards up to 28G baud PAM-4
  • 100 and 200 GB Ethernet

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