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Quad Linear 26/53GBaud PAM4/NRZ Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA)

 The MATA-38134 is a quad 26/53GBaud linear PAM4 TIA with automatic gain. The MATA-38134 consumes very low power, typically 200mW/channel at 2.9V supply. It is primarily targeted for single-mode fiber applications. Features include RSSI for photo-alignment and power monitoring, and I2C control of bandwidth, output amplitude, peaking, LOS, gain and other parameters. 

  • Quad 26/53GBaud PAM4/NRZ TIA
  • 500┬Ám anode to anode spacing
  • Low Power, 200mW/channel
  • Integrated AGC loop
  • RSSI for photo-alignment and monitoring
  • Optional reverse PD bias up to 4V typical
  • Supported die temperature range -40 to +95C (Single-mode application)
  • 100 Gb Ethernet
  • Channels: 4 #
  • Pad Spacing: 500 um
  • Max Availability Bandwidth ( aprox): 30 nA
  • Max Gain (approx): 4,500 dB/Ohms
  • Noise at Gain: 1.5 uA RMS
  • Supply Current: 265 mA @ 2.9V - 3.3V
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Quad Linear 28/53 GBaud Linear PAM-4 TIA
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