Quad Linear 28 GBaud PAM4

 The MATA-38434 is a four channel Linear 28 GBaud PAM-4 Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA). The MATA-38434 consumes very low power and it is primarily targeted for 28 GBaud PAM4 multimode fiber applications using VCSEL on the transmitter side. Features include RSSI and power monitoring, and I2C control and monitoring of Bandwidth, Output Amplitude, Peaking, LOS, Gain and other parameters. It is a companion device to the MASC-38040 Quad 28GBaud PAM4/NRZ CDR for complete receive path.  Target applications are 100, 200 and 400 GB Ethernet, 64G Fibre Channel, EDR, HDR InfiniBand, OTN and Proprietary Standards up to 28GBaud PAM-4 or NRZ   

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Part Number
Quad Linear 28 GBaud PAM4
Package Type
Integrated CDR

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MATA-38434B Quad Linear 26GBaud PAM4 TIA