Si Hyperabrupt

The MAVR-000080 - 83 series of silicon hyper abrupt junction tuning varactors is produced with ion implantation and advanced epitaxial growth techniques. These diodes have thermal oxide passivation, and feature very high capacitance ratio and quality factor. They are well suited for use from the sub-HF through UHF frequency range. The standard capacitance tolerance is ±10%, with tighter tolerances available. Capacitance matching at one or more bias voltages is also available. These diodes are offered with standard Sn/Pb plating, as well as 100% matte Sn plating. This series of hyper abrupt junction tuning varactors is suggested for usage where a large frequency change is required with only a small change in tuning voltage. This series is appropriate for usage in wide band voltage controlled oscillators and voltage controlled filters which require the largest rate of change of capacitance with voltage. The large change in capacitance from 1 to 8 volts makes them very attractive for battery operated or other systems with limited available control voltage. This varactors series can be used in VCO’s and VTF’s from approximately 100 KHz through the UHF frequency band.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Short Description
Si Hyperabrupt
Total Capacitance(pF)
Quality Factor @ 50 MHz, Min
Breakdown Voltage(V)
Package Category
Plastic Surface Mount


  • Low Cost
  • Available in Tape and Reel
  • Singles and Common Cathode Pairs
  • SPC Monitored Ion Implantation for Excellent CV Repeatability
  • Useful for Battery Applications
  • High Quality Factor
  • Surface Mount Package
  • Very High Capacitance Ratio from 1 to 8 Volts
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Lead-Free
  • 260°C Reflow Compatible


  • ISM

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