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Silicon Step Recovery Diodes
The Silicon Mesa Beam Lead Step Recovery diodes provide low capacitance, very fast transition times, and low inductance along with low parasitic capacitance compared to packaged or chip devices. The fast transition times make these devices useful for fast sampling gate drivers, frequency multipliers and comb generators to 40 GHz and beyond.
  • Low Inductance
  • Transition times down to 30 picoseconds in 50 system
  • Rugged Beam Lead construction
  • Oxide and polymide passivation
  • ISM
  • Tt: 0 pS
  • Junction Capacitance, Min: 0.2 pF
  • Junction Capacitance, Max: 0.3 pF
  • Tl: 8 
  • Reverse Voltage, Min: 25 V
  • 402
Package Category
  • Surfacemount
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
Beamlead SRD Diode, 0402
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