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Sampling Phase Detector Modules
The Sampling Phase Detector (SPD) module is a hybrid circuit providing a fast Step Recovery Diode, coupling capacitors and a low barrier Schottky pair. The Schottky pair is used as a sampling circuit turned on by the fast step from the Step Recovery Diode, or in the frequency domain, the Schottkys act as a mixer to mix the harmonic of the SRD step closest to the microwave frequency. The output is a beat frequency (the difference between the harmonic of the reference and the microwave frequency) and is just a DC voltage at the lock point. It is used to phase lock DRO’s and VCO’s from 10 to 1000 MHz (TYP) reference frequencies.
  • Phase Locking to 22 GHz
  • Phase Locks DRO’s and VCO’s
  • Fully Integrated Module
  • Broadband Capability
  • SD CJ TYP: 0.22 pF
  • SRD CJ TYP: 0.5 pF
  • FMW TYP: 2 GHz
  • Cap. CT TYP: 3.5 pF
  • SD RD TYP: 8 mV
  • SRD VBR MIN: 15 V
  • SRD TL TYP: 20 ns
  • SRD TT MAX: 70 ps
  • SD VF TYP: 270 
  • E50 / E50SM
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Sampling Phase Detector, E50SM
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