RF Energy

Traditional versus Solid State RF Energy Generation


RF Energy


Radiofrequency (RF) energy applications use controlled electromagnetic radiation to heat items or to power all kinds of processes. Today, magnetron tubes commonly generate this energy. Tomorrow, it will be generated by an all solid-state semiconductor chain. 

Solid-state RF energy offers numerous benefits unavailable via alternate solutions: low-voltage drive, semiconductor-type reliability, smaller form factor and an “all-solid-state electronics” footprint. Perhaps its most compelling attributes are fast frequency-, phase- and power-agility complemented by hyper-precision. Collectively, the technology’s attributes yield an unprecedented process control range, even energy distribution, and fast adaption to changing load conditions.

  • Higher Efficiency and Reliability
  • Higher Linearity
  • Increased Precision and Control
  • Excellent Gain
  • Low Power
  • Lower Cost Structure

  • Automotive Ignition
  • Industrial Cooking
  • Industrial Drying
  • Medical Tumor Ablation
  • Plasma Street Lighting