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10 V to 200 V Driver for High Power PIN Diode Switches

 The MADR-011021 four channel switch driver is designed to work with MACOM’s Series/Shunt SP4T PIN diode switches (e.g., MASW-011077). This driver has 1 Series output and 1 Shunt output per channel which can provide up to 600 mA sinking (Series), 100 mA sinking (Shunt), and 5 mA sourcing bias current. The bias voltage can be selected to be any voltage between 10 V to 200 V. This switch driver can be easily controlled by standard TTL logic. With low quiescent current of <0.5 mA, this driver has a typical delay of <6 μs when driving a 1200 pF capacitive load. This driver is packaged in a lead-free 6 mm 18-lead PQFN package and is available in tape and reel packaging for high volume applications. 

  • land mobile radio
  • Propagation Delay: 6 ns
  • Rise/Fall Time: 2.5 ns
Datasheet: Request Datasheet
  • 6 mm 18-lead PQFN Package
Package Category
  • QFN Plastic
  • Yes
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Rell
10 V to 200 V Driver for High Power PIN Diode Switches
6 mm 18-lead PQFN Package Inquire

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